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Daryl Kucera

Daryl Kucera is the founder and director of MSforward. His life’s passion is providing exercise opportunities for people living with physiological challenges. Daryl earned his BSAS degree in Fitness Science; he is a Certified Master Personal Trainer and a Certified Youth Sports Instructor.

Among his many achievements, Daryl has co-authored four university-sponsored research papers and is published in the internationally acclaimed journal, NeuroRehabilitation. In 2010, he received the Robert M. Herndon Award for Outstanding Article in the International Journal of MS Care and he is credited with establishing the only medically recognized post-physical therapy exercise program for people with MS.

“Guiding others with disabilities toward the best quality of life possible through physical exercise, emotional support and laughter is the greatest blessing I can imagine. I now understand that MS is a gift I received from above that allows me to give to others. I can think of no other way to give back for all of the blessings I have received than to grow and develop MSForward to benefit and serve as many physiologically challenged people as possible.” -Daryl

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