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Trivia RSVP & Payment

The team at MSforward is very excited to share our first annual fundraising event! In our effort to build a wellness community for those with MS and other neurological impairments we want to gather more supporters and have some fun!  Click this yellow button for your RSVP and payment. 

The gym continues to grow and we have increased our offerings. We are committed to adding more offerings to existing MSforward members and expanding to reach others who need it. We have added afternoon strength and therapy programs, support partner group, remote cognitive stimulation class and support group. We continue to offer strength classes, adaptive yoga, and 1:1 training options. Most importantly, the MSforward community brings socialization, love, and support into each offering every day! If you haven’t been to the gym in a while, we invite you to stop in and say hello! 


There are many ways to participate in this event including coming to the event to play trivia ( reserve early, seats limited! ), stopping by to socialize, sharing this information with others who may benefit from learning about MSforward, or donate online! We encourage you to join in on the fun and increase your participation in life!

The fun starts at 1pm! Socialization and fun throughout the event, trivia challenge open to all participants from 2-4p. Family and friends welcome!! RSVP by donating online. Please see the yellow donate link on this page.


Suggested donation is $25 or more per attendee. Please indicate your name, and how many attendees in the text field when donating for your RSVP.  Here's another chance to submit RSVP and payment via this yellow button.  As a reminder, MSforward is a 501 (c )(3) nonprofit organization. 


Thank you! 

Daryl Kucera and the  MSforward Team

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