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Strength Resistance Training

Exercise, once thought as counter to the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, has proven an extremely effective therapy to treat the many symptoms of MS, any illness, and the elderly. 

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As we all know, and have heard too many times to keep track of, "everyone with MS is different!"  With that being said, one size does not fit all, when it comes to a program that meets your unique needs, it is important that you seek a trainer / therapist, that understands MS and how the illness affects YOU. The benefits of exercise are vast.  A properly-designed program, and a determined attitude of living life in the best way you can despite your diagnosis, can produce tremendous benefits:


•Improved Overall Quality of Life

•Improved Heart, Lung, and Muscle Function

•Improved Bone Density

•Improved Joint Mobility

•Assists in Weight Control

•Prevents / Minimizes Effects of a Fall

•Speeds Recovery Time During / After an Exacerbation

•Helps Bowel and Bladder Control


The greatest benefit of exercise is that it helps more than the physical. Psychological, emotional, mental, and spiritual gains can be realized with a properly developed program. So many studies have been conducted nationally, showing the benefits of exercise on MS. 


The only issue with studies is that there is always a predetermined START and END date. Unfortunately, Multiple Sclerosis and most other illnesses do not have an END date. It is our mission to incorporate the results of these studies, including three of our own, and develop a program that can be a component of YOUR lifelong health program. 

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