Our Mission

2001 - Fast Forward, LLC, opened its doors in Omaha, Nebraska. The mission was to provide sports conditioning to the growing population of young athletes that engage in the ever increasing demand for youth sports. One month after opening the gym, owner and founder, Daryl Kucera, experienced the first symptoms of what turned out to be life altering diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). 


2003 - The uncertainty surrounding the diagnosis and the desire to remain active motivated Daryl and his team to alter Fast Forward's mission.  With the assistance of Mary Filip PfD, Ph.D., APRN, family and the prayerful support of many, Fast Forward began providing supervised fitness programs dedicated to keeping adults with MS active.  Since that time, nearly 500 adults with MS have participated in regular specialized fitness workouts at the Fast Forward gym.


2010 - MSforward, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit extension of Fast Forward Gym, was formed to focus on those members with MS.  MSforward refined the supervised fitness programs to incorporate the gym's adaptive exercise equipment with innovative exercises.


Today - MSforward has evolved into a facility and program that extends beyond exercise.  It is a community for possibilities and abilities.  MSforward now serves as a resource for wellness, education, and social support for  individuals with multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.

The program is built to assist in those areas that all with MS share: loss of strength, balance, coordination and mobility.  The program is tailored to meet the need of those with varying disabilities.  Small gorp and individual training is offered to ensure each members unique fitness objectives are met.

Our environment is non-intimidating, and our staff is experience in working with many neurological diseases.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere as you attend classes.  Each month 60 to 70 members attend our multi-week exercise sessions.


“Its not magic”

I have been working out at MSforward for 10 years, I also have MS, it's not magic, it takes work and this is the place to do it, no judgement we all have MS, I work out daily all work out are varied or adjusted to needs and capability.

— Robert Lewis