Whether you are looking to gain strength, looking for a way to create a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your own home, or you want to try a new kind of program like “music and movement,” we have the answer for you and your goals!



Tele-Fitness is the online live streaming service of MSforward utilizing most the current technology to allow web access to structured fitness programs, educational seminars, special events, and selected monthly meetings for a monthly fee of $14.95.  our goal of tele-fitness is to elimanate any/all issues (ie. cost, transportion, wether, fitness knowledge) preventing one from making fitness intregal part of their lifeWhile this program is open to anyone, the focus continues to be home-bound clients or rural communities where direct gym access is not available.  MSforward is a prescription of exercise for all chronic illness, elderly and under served populations providing the continued benefits proven in medical studies.

Contact Daryl at 402-630-1757


A new class full of fun, voice-speech practice, exercise skills based on daily living activities and more! This 60 minute live class, originally designed for those with Parkinson’s, is open to those with neurological challenges. This class will also be offered as a tele-fitness class starting soon. Stayed tuned for more details!

This innovative class style of combining fun, voice work, exercise, education, socialization, and mindfulness was created, and taught, by speech pathologist, Amy Renken, and by group fitness instructor/dance teacher, Georgie Kuhl.

Contact Georgie 402-212-2012 at or Amy at 402-290-9908


Music and movement

Moving to the beat of music helps each of us move with more fluidity, larger range of motion, increased effort and it’s WAY MORE FUN!!  This class combines two internationally recognized Parkinson’s Disease (PD) movement programs into one sixty minute work out.  The two programs are: Dance for PD and PWR!Moves (Parkinson Wellness Recovery).  The class is OPEN to those with neurological challenges, not limited to PD.

PWR!Moves is a research based, neuroplasticity principled way to move which optimizes brain health, brain change, and function.  There are four foundational movements targeted which interfere with everyday mobility – getting up and down, weight shifting, reaching and twisting, and transition steps.  PWR!Moves, created by Dr. Farley, is used in rehab and fitness settings.

All exercises and activities can be done sitting or standing, independently or with an assistive devise – walker/cane.  Exercise shoes, water, and a space free of obstacles and large enough to move around is recommended.

Contact Georgie 402-212-2012