Once thought as counter to the treatment of neuro-muscular diseases,like multiple sclerosis, exercise has proven to be a vastly effective therapy to combat the potentially damaging effects of these disease. 



1. Positive Impact of Weight Resistance Training in MS Patients Despite Varied Disability Level (2006)

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2. Exercise and MS

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3. Impact of Exercise & Improving Gait Balance (2009)

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Tele-Fitness is the online live streaming service of MSforward utilizing most the current technology to allow web access to structured fitness programs, educational seminars, special events, and selected monthly meetings for a monthly fee of $14.95.  our goal of tele-fitness is to elimanate any/all issues (ie. cost, transportion, wether, fitness knowledge) preventing one from making fitness intregal part of their lifeWhile this program is open to anyone, the focus continues to be home-bound clients or rural communities where direct gym access is not available.  MSforward is a prescription of exercise for all chronic illness, elderly and under served populations providing the continued benefits proven in medical studies.

Live online classes from our gym

  • Monday @ 11:00am CST (30min class) & 12:30pm CST

  • Wednesday @ 12:30pm CST

  • Thursday @ 11:00am CST (30min class) & 4pm CST


Fitness Equipment you might need

  • Dumbbells

  • TheraBands /Tubes

  • Stability / Swiss Balls

  • Battling ropes

  • Punching Apparatus

  • Balance board / Pillows

  • Stable Chairs

  • Stand Alone Bench with Incline


There are many lifelong benefits of exercise

  • Improved Overall Quality of Life

  • Improved heart and muscle function

  • Improved bone density

  • Improved joint mobility

  • Assists in weight control

  • Prevents/Minimizes effects of a fall

  • Speeds recover time during/after an exacerbation

  • Helps bowel and bladder control

  • More than the 'physical'