“Strength conditioning and balance issues play a large part in maintaining or reclaiming function for individuals with multiple sclerosis. Our patients have had a wonderful return for their efforts while working with Daryl at Fast Forward. This is done in a great atmosphere with certified trainers who are aware of the special needs of the individual with MS.” – Mary Filipi, ARNP,Ph.D

“I am so thankful for the gym. It is a wonderful ‘positive attitude’ only support group. I know exercising helps me tremendously.” – Carol Hendrix ‘Rix’, diagnosed with MS is 1985, participating since March 2004


“Daryl and his MS Forward gym provide a wonderful place for all to build strength, endurance and lifelong relationships in a positive community of care and support.”
– Kent Jordan ‘KJ’, diagnosed with MS in 2010, participating since 2010

“Fast Forward, the people who run it, and the people who go there to exercise show wonderful, positive attitudes. We congratulate each other all the time, seeing both the little and big improvements. I continue to see personal progress, especially in gait, physical strength, and remembering to laugh – it’s a natural way to feel good and surprise ourselves at what our bodies can still do.” – Kim Kozelichki ‘Koz’, diagnosed with MS      in 1996, MSForward’s first client, participating since 2003

“The workouts are fun & inspire me to always do what I can with what I have, but never being judged or criticized by anyone. I have gone from attending workouts two times a week to trying to go as often as I can. My physicality has improved, along with my attitude, thanks to Daryl Kucera and MSForward.” – Pat Ahrendsen ‘PA”, diagnosed with MS        in 2010, participating since 2010

“When I first came to MS Forward in 2012, I told Daryl I wanted to be more flexible. I was 59 years old then and had never been to a gym in my entire life. Since then, I have lost more than 40 pounds, can mow my yard, plant my own garden, clean my own house, and do all the cooking for my mom, brother and I. Daryl & Josh’s knowledgeable, positive workouts have given me more energy & truly changed my life! I have MS, but it
doesn’t control me anymore.” - Vicki Fields,participating since 2012.