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At MSforward, we believe individual wellness is best achieved collaboratively. We developed the teleFitness group wellness program to do just that.
teleFitness is a unique series of interactive fitness and wellness programs, delivered using industry-leading video conferencing software and designed specifically for people living with neurological disability and injury.
Our group classes are led by experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the specific needs of individuals with disabilities.
Every teleFitness class was developed to maximize communication between instructor and student to deliver a more enjoyable and more effective online experience.




Every Month

Get top of the line training from the comfort of your home

Includes (any or all):

  • M-F  9am Strength

  • Tue 10am Speech and Cognition

  • Tue/Thu 11am Adaptive Yoga

In Person

Starting at


Every Month

Access to the Gym

In-Person Guidance from our trainers

Access to experimental devices to help your MS

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Updates from MSforward

We were in the news for our new specialized equipment. Check out the article by clicking on the image below!

Screen capture from a news broadcast with several students and members of MSforward

Meet Daryl Kucera, MSforward's founder

Partner Spotlight

We want to thank all of the college students that have helped us out. Everything you have done has been appreciated greatly!

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